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Question: Which fast food franchise has largest number of restaurants in the world as of December 2011?
Question: What is the distinctive characteristic of Seville oranges?
Question: Which world championship has taken place every year on the fourth of July in Coney Island, New York, since 1916?
Question: What is Tofu made of?
Question: If a dish is described as Dopiaza, which ingredient would you expect to find?
Question: What is mixed with Guinness when poured to create the creamy head?
Question: What in Chinese restaurants is sometimes referred to as 'fragrant meat'?
Question: Which is the main grain used for making Bourbon whiskey?
Question: The towns of Reims and Épernay are the centres of which wine-producing region in France?
Question: Other than Waldorfs, what are the main four ingredients in a Waldorf Salad?
Question: What happens to a Screwdriver if you add Galliano?
Question: What is measured using the Scoville Scale?
Question: What do Amstel, Newcastle Brown, John Smith's, Birra Moretti, Cruzcampo, Murphy's and Buckler have in common?
Question: From which country did Pilsner beer originate?
Question: What's the name of a wine bottle that is twice the size of a standard bottle?
Question: What is the main ingredient of Hummus?
Question: Which famous distillery is located in Lynchburg, Tennessee?
Question: What is the name of the culinary knife cut in which a food item is cut into long thin strips?
Question: Red Stripe beer is originally from which country?
Question: Which drink was created by the Coca Cola company in Nazi Germany during World War 2 to compensate for the inability to import Coca Cola syrup?
Question: What is added to gin to make a "pink gin"?
Question: Which word, commonly used in English and other languages, is the Tamil word for 'sauce'?
Question: Who said during World War I, "Drink is doing us more damage than all the German submarines put together"?

With thanks to Colin Hurst for correcting this question
Question: Who said, "One more drink and I'll be under the host"?
Question: If a dish is a la Florentine, which ingredient is it assumed to have?
Question: If, in a bar, you were given a Mickey Finn, what would you have?
Question: What does VSOP on a brandy bottle stand for?

With thanks to Shelley for correcting the answer to this question
Question: What is the purple ink to stamp meat normally made of ?
Question: Which restaurant chain owner said 'We're not in the hamburger business, we're in showbusiness'?
Question: What spirit is added to brandy to make a sidecar?
Question: What is added to wine to make Port?
Question: Which food crop is attacked by the Colorado Beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata)?
Question: What is the name of the clarified butter used in South Asian cooking?
Question: Although now regulated by the EU and given a GI (Geographic Indicative Status), the illegal moonshine made in Ireland was know as what?
Question: Black Velvet is a beer cocktail made out which two ingredients?
Question: What cut of meat is used for Ossobuco alla Milanese?
Question: Which small and pear-shaped fragrant citrus fruit native to Southeast Asia is used to flavour Early Grey tea?
Question: What's the name of the apple brandy traditionally made in Lower Normandy?
Question: Demerara sugar is named after a river in which country?
Question: What term is used to designate food seen as permissible according to Islamic law (Sharia)?
Question: Slivovitz is made from what?
Question: Orange pekoe (or pecco) is a grade of what?
Question: Which food derives its name from the fact that it used to be cooked or baked twice?
Question: What very popular food item was invented by Alexander Grant in Edinburgh in 1799 and promoted as aiding digestion as it contained bicarbonate of soda? (A variety covered with chocolate was described by writer Bill Bryson as a 'British masterpiece'.)
Question: Which vegetable would you be eating if you ordered 'aloo' in an Indian restaurant?
Question: Which animal is the emblem of Bacardi rum?
Question: For curry lovers: what is Bombay duck?
Question: Which common condiment has a name derived from the Malay word for 'sauce' or 'fish sauce'? Now it has one main ingredient to flavour it, but it used to be made with anchovies, mushrooms, walnuts, lobsters and even bananas.
Question: 'Shaken, not stirred'. Why do many connoisseurs believe shaking Martinis is a mistake?
Question: What is 'Wild Turkey'?
Question: Who uses the slogan 'The champagne of beers'?
Question: When did the 'Cuba Libre' originate?
Question: Why were sherry, port and vermouth originally fortified by the addition of brandy?
Question: This is a Spanish-based question Where did the 'Fábrica de Cerveza de San Miguel' first open in 1890?
Question: This is a Spanish-based question Give two synonyms for 'cencibel', the most common varietal in Valdepeñas.
Question: If a distilled drink is 80 proof (US), what is its alcohol by volume?
Question: What are Crémant in France, Cap Classique in South Africa, Spumante in Italy, or Sekt in Germany?
Question: What is wrapped in bacon to make the dish "Angels on Horseback"?
Question: What is Russian for 'little water'?
Question: Where is Tabasco sauce made?
Question: What is a screwdriver cocktail made with?
Question: This is a Spanish-based question What's the name of the pan in which you make a Paella?


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