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Question: Which American President saw active service in both World War Ⅰ and World War Ⅱ?
Question: This is a Spanish-based question In which Spanish city was Isabel La Católica crowned Queen of Castille?

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Question: What was Operation Sea Lion in the Second World War?

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Question: What was Mahatma Gandhi's first name?

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Question: In 1554 a Portuguese ship sighted a beautiful island in East Asia and in an imaginative mood named it "Ilha Formosa", Beautiful Island. What is its current name?

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Question: Who was Indira Gandhi's father?
Question: Who was King of Great Britain during the American War of Independence?

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Question: What was the roman word for Spain?
Question: When Spaniards first arrived in the Canary Islands they found a native population (which for the usual colonial reasons no longer exists). What were they called? (Collectively, not each one of them.)
Question: Who said Africa starts at the Pyrenees?
Question: Why was the capital of Spain moved to Madrid?
Question: Who was the Irish missionary who sailed west across the Atlantic before the Vikings or Columbus?
Question: Who banned Christmas in England from 1647 to 1660 and in Boston from 1659 to 1681?
Question: Who was British ambassador to the Ottoman Empire between 1799 and 1803 and took advantage of his position to collect artwork, in particular from the Parthenon in Athens?
Question: What was the name of the Roman festivities spanning from December 17th to December 23rd and elements of which were incorporated into Christmas?
Question: The youngest and oldest men to be elected President of the United States took office on the same day twenty years apart. Who were they?

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Question: Which twentieth century war is known in one country as the 'Great Patriotic War'?
Question: What was adopted in the United States on June 14th 1777, and is celebrated every year on that day?
Question: What's the former name of Bangladesh?
Question: Which is the only country in Southeast Asia never colonised by a European power?
Question: Who was the first US president born in the twentieth century?
Question: In which war did the Battle of Hamburger Hill take place?
Question: Who was the first person pictured on a postage stamp?
Question: What in the twentieth century was know as 'The Emergency' in Ireland?
Question: Which Irishman became the sixth President of Israel in 1983?
Question: What was the Roman name for Ireland?
Question: Who was the first person to be granted Honorary Citizenship of the United States?
Question: What is the most popular name for a pope?
Question: How many different flags has the United States had in the 20th Century?
Question: Which country has been ruled by the Chakri dynasty since 1782?
Question: Atahualpa was the last emperor of which empire?
Question: What was the name of the plan for the defence of Gibraltar during W.W.II that was devised by a Naval Intelligence office who subsequently wrote spy stories whilst living in a house of the same name?
Question: Who was the first president of the Republic of Texas?
Question: Bulgaria achieved independence in 1908 from which country?
Question: What was the name of the anti-colonial group that led a revolt of the Kikuyu people in Kenya in the 1950s?
Question: Who returned as president of Uganda after the fall of Idi Amin?
Question: What happened to the Archbishop of Kraków in 1978?
Question: Who was offered but declined the presidency of the State of Israel in 1952?
Question: Who was the only British Prime Minister to be assassinated, in the year 1812?
Question: Into which royal family/dynasty was the unfortunate Marie Antoinette born?
Question: Who was the first president of the United States whose father was also president of the United States?
Question: Who said 'I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men and German to my horse'?
Question: In which two English cathedrals is there a copy of the Magna Carta?
Question: Who commissioned the Arc de Triomphe in Paris?
Question: Which two out of the 54 members of the Commonwealth of Nations have no historical connection with the UK?
Question: Poland was the first country occupied by Nazi Germany in World War II. Which was the last?
Question: In the US military, what is a Purple Heart awarded for?
Question: What is the current name of White Russia?
Question: Who was the first Prime Minister of the Soviet Union? (also know as Premier of the Soviet Union, Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR or Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR)
Question: During which battle did the charge of the Light Brigade take place?
Question: What was the name of the border crossing between East and West Germany located at the junction of Friedrichstrasse, Mauerstrasse, and Zimmerstrasse in Berlin?
Question: Emperor Showa, the 124th emperor of Japan, is better know in the west by his personal name. What is it?
Question: Who was Israel's defence minister during the Six Day War?
Question: What is the modern name of ancient Mesopotamia?
Question: Who was the last Queen of Pakistan?
Question: The St Valentine's Day Massacre took place in which city?
Question: Who claimed responsibility for the kidnapping and murder of Italian prime minister Aldo Moro in 1978?
Question: The Nazi regime was the III Reich. Which was the first?
Question: Who was the Japanese emperor during the Showa era?
Question: In which century did the Black Death reach Britain?
Question: The ancient region of Nubia is in which two modern counries?
Question: Air Force One is the US President's plane. What is Marine One?
Question: At the beginning of the War of American Independence, what was considered to be the 14th colony?
Question: Eboracum is the roman name for which city?
Question: How long did the 100 Years War last?
Question: In 1579, the Netherlands achieved independence from which country?
Question: In which country did Che Guevara die?
Question: In which country is Waterloo, where the battle took place?
Question: In which war did jet aircraft first fight each other?
Question: Only one South American country had a Monarchy. Which was it?
Question: Parker and Barrow were the surnames of which famous couple?
Question: Rorke's Drift was a battle in which war?
Question: Sitting Bull belonged to which tribe?
Question: The American M4 tank was better known by a General's name. What was it?
Question: This is a Spanish-based question The Condor Legion was the name of the German air force flying for Franco's nationalist side in the Spanish Civil War. What was the name of the Irish volunteers on Franco's side?
Question: The eruption of Mt Vesuvius that buried Pompeii also buried another town. Which one?
Question: The Poem "Defence of Fort McHenry" written during the bombing of Baltimore is now much better known by another name.
Question: The War of Jenkin's Ear was waged between which two countries?
Question: What is 1999 in Roman numerals?
Question: What is the name of the German officer, who lived and died in Madrid, who rescued Mussolini?
Question: What was Operation Dynamo in World War II?
Question: What was the code name for the American landings in Morocco in 1942?
Question: What was the name of Haile Selassie before he was crowned in 1930?
Question: What was the name of the anti-missile missiles used by the US to shoot incoming Scud missiles in the first Gulf War?
Question: What was the name of the blind Benedictine monk who allegedly invented Champagne?
Question: What was the name of the cult that Charles Manson lead which killed at least seven people?

With thanks to Ian for correcting this question
Question: What was the name of the spacecraft in which the first three astronauts were killed in a fire in 1967?
Question: What was the Volstead Act?
Question: What were Little Boy and Fat Man?
Question: Which agreement resulted in the splitting of Germany?
Question: Which American City is named after a British Prime Minister?
Question: Which battle does the French Foreign Legion celebrate every year?
Question: Which city became the capital of the USA in 1788?
Question: Which civilization built Machu Picchu?
Question: Which political party's name means "Soldiers of Destiny" in its own language?
Question: Which Republic exists in France since 1958?
Question: Which town was the scene of the gunfight at the OK Corral?
Question: Which two countries fought the Pastry War (La guerra de los pasteles) of 1838?
Question: Which two other countries joined the EEC at the same time as Ireland?
Question: Which was the last port of call of the Titanic?
Question: This is a Spanish-based question Which was the most important battle fought by the Lincoln Brigade in the Spanish Civil War?
Question: This is a Spanish-based question Which was the name of Hitler's Spanish division?
Question: Who did Henry VIII marry at the age of 18 (she was 24)?
Question: Who first crossed the English channel by aeroplane?
Question: Who is the only American President to have served non-consecutive terms in office?
Question: Who succeeded Charles de Gaulle as president of France?
Question: Who was killed playing poker while holding a pair of aces and a pair of eights leading to the expression "dead man's hand"?
Question: Who was known as "the third mate of an American tramp"?
Question: This is a Spanish-based question Who was prime minister of Spain three times between 1856 and 1866?
Question: Who was the last British Prime Minister not to have a wife?
Question: Who was the real spy (for the Germans) in the Dreyfuss Affair?
Question: Who were Teddy Roosevelt's "Rough Riders"?
Question: Alcock and Brown became well know by achieving what?
Question: In which decade does Stanley meet Livingstone, William I of Prussia become Kaiser of a united Germany, and the Paris Commune is set up?
Question: In which decade does the Battle of Wounded Knee (the last Indian uprising) take place, Marconi invent the wireless, and the Dreyfuss Affair take place in France?
Question: In which decade does the Indian Mutiny take place, work on the Suez Canal commences, and the Second Republic is overthrown in France and Louis Napoleon becomes Emperor Napoleon III?
Question: In which decade was the Congress of Vienna held, Singapore founded by Sir Stamford Raffles, and Argentina and Chile become independent from Spain?
Question: In which year did the Ottoman Empire collapse, the Baltic nations, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia become independent, and women over 30 are given the vote in Britain?
Question: In which year did the Yom Kippur War take place, Ceylon changed its name to Sri Lanka, and a revolution in Chile overthrows Presidente Allende?
Question: In which year does Lebanon become a republic, Hirohito becomes Emperor of Japan, and Britain is hit by a nine-day General Strike?
Question: In which year does Panama gain independence from Colombia as a US protectorate, the first radio transmission between the US and Britain take place, and the first flight in a heavier than air machine take place?
Question: In which year does the Gold Coast (renamed Ghana) achieve independence, an unsuccesful Tibetan uprising causes the Dalai Lama to flee to India, and the Soviet Union launch the first artificial satellite?
Question: In which year was Malcolm X assasinated, Singapore became independent from Malaya, and Sir Winston Churchill died?

With thanks to Steve Rose for correcting this question
Question: The Roman Appian Way went from Rome to where?
Question: Which Irish president was born in Manhattan?
Question: Enola Gay was the name of the bomber that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima, but what was the name of the bomber that dropped it on Nagasaki?
Question: What did members of the Nazi SS have tattooed on their armpits?
Question: What's the ruling family of Monaco called?
Question: What did the USA try to buy from Denmark for $100,000,000 in 1946?
Question: Who was the first woman to be elected head of government in a Muslim country?
Question: What is the meaning of the word "Bolshevik", adopted by a faction of the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP) which split apart from the "Menshevik" faction at the Second Party Congress in 1903?
Question: The Free World Military Forces, or FWMF was a military force composed of mainly Koreans with Thai, Australian, and New Zealand soldiers with a few Taiwanese and Spanish (30). In which war in the second half of the twentieth century did they take part?
Question: This is a Spanish-based question In addition to Ceuta, Melilla and Gibraltar, Spain has which other territorial dispute over a town?
Question: Joseph Bonaparte (Giuseppe Buonaparte) became king of which country in 1808?
Question: Sam Houston was the first president of which independent country in 1836?
Question: From which country did Panama declare independence in 1903?
Question: What was Papa Doc's real name (president of Haiti)?
Question: Who preceded Nelson Mandela as president of South Africa and then became deputy president under Mandela? (He shared the Nobel Peace Prize and the Príncipe de Asturias with Mandela)
Question: Which is the only president of the United States not to have been elected as either president or vice-president?
Question: Which European country had a 'Carnation Revolution' on the 25th of April 1974?
Question: Who succeeded Paul von Hindenburg as the German head of state?
Question: What did Captain Cook name Hawaii when he first arrived?
Question: Clara Petacci was murdered for being the mistress of whom?
Question: The Kings of Italy all belonged to which house?
Question: Christopher Columbus died on May 20, 1506 in which Spanish city?
Question: Who revealed the Koran to Mohammed?
Question: Who had the titles of Emperor of the French, King of Italy, Mediator of the Swiss Confederation, Protector of the Confederation of the Rhine?
Question: Where was the ancient Kingdom of Iberia from where the Iberians in Spain probably came from?
Question: Complutum was the Roman name for which Spanish town?
Question: Pedro II was the last emperor of which country?
Question: The 'Dauphin of France' was a title given to whom?
Question: In the Second World War, what was the 'British Free Corps'?
Question: What did the acronym MAD, coined by then Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, referring to nuclear weapons stand for?
Question: Which country lost access to the sea in the 19th Century although it still maintains a navy on a lake?
Question: Sir Stamford Raffles founded which city in 1819?
Question: What was the capital city of India until December 1911?
Question: To which city was Tsar Nicholas II and his family taken to and executed after the Russian revolution?
Question: The Wars of the Roses (1455-87) were a series of dynastic civil wars between supporters of which two houses of England?
Question: Which was the first European country to gain independence in the XX Century in 1905?
Question: What was the name of the foot soldiers who moved on horseback, especially popular in the 17th and 18th centuries?
Question: Who was the penultimate King of Egypt?
Question: In 1990, four countries united to form two countries. North and South and East and West formed which countries?
Question: On the 18th of December 1961, India went to war with a European nation. In two days India defeated which country?
Question: What are, in this order, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, George Bush?
Question: What in 1982 were Operation Rosario and Operation Corporate?
Question: What was unusual about Khaled Ibrahim Tafeesh, who was running for election (for Hamas) in 2006?
Question: O'Duffy's Irish Brigade and Conolly's Column were made up of Irish volunteers and they fought on opposite sides of which war?
Question: In what language is the Book of Kells written?
Question: Which Irish saint supposedly sailed to America in the sixth century?
Question: Who was crowned 'Imperator Augustus' by Pope Leo III on Christmas day 800 AD?
Question: When the Portuguese built Casablanca in 1515 its original name only differed by one letter from its current name. What was it?
Question: What is commonly know as the 'Zapruder film'?
Question: What did Napoleon's soldiers find in 1799 that would later prove invaluable to archaelogists and historians, among others?
Question: Which 20th century dictator ordered that all sparrows in the land be killed?
Question: Who discoverered the Tristan da Cunha islands in 1506?
Question: Who was Alexander the Great's famous tutor?
Question: Troops from (mainly) which country stormed Vimy Ridge in 1917?
Question: What were the Janissaries?
Question: Which German line lay opposite the French Maginot Line?
Question: The names of two items of clothing originated in the Crimean War. Which ones?
Question: In 1783 the Peace Treaty with the thirteen colonies of America gave Florida to Spain in compensation for what?
Question: Who was the first US president to be shot and survive (whilst in office)?

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Question: Only one amendment to the US Constitution has ever been repealed. Which one?
Question: Who fought a last stand against the Persians at Thermopylae?

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Question: Which religious group was founded by Ignatius of Loyola?
Question: Who was the first of Tudor Kings of England, crowned in 1485?
Question: In which war did the battle of Majuba Hill take place?
Question: On which day is the Battle of the Boyne commemorated?
Question: In what war did the crucial Battle of Bunker Hill take place?
Question: In what year was NATO founded?


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