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Q: What's the longest distance Olympic event?
A: The men's cycling road race covers 250 km (155.3 miles)

With thanks to Mike Healy and Carol Balster for fine tuning the question and updating the answer
Q: Brazil have been world football champions more times than any other nation. Whom did they beat to become World Champions the first time?
A: Sweden, in Sweden, 1958.

With thanks to Karim Nanji, Entertainments Officer, Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London, for correcting this question
Q: In which sport would you see a "Tsukahara"?
A: Gymnastics; it's a type of vault

With thanks to Kirsty Taylor for correcting this question
Q: What are the only two colours allowed for the ball in Table Tennis competitions?
A: White and orange

With thanks to Ted Bollard from Dublin for updating the answer to this question
Q: The duration of a game of Polo is measured in what?
A: Chukkas (or Chukkers)

With thanks to Dave Love and Andy Bell for correcting this question
Q: How many rounds are there in an Olympic boxing match?
A: Four

With thanks to Dave Harrop for correcting this question
Q: Which cyclists have won the Tour de France five times?
A: Jacques Anquetil, Lance Armstrong, Bernard Hinault, Miguel Indurain, Eddie Merckx

With thanks to Lynne and Thierry in Paris, and Steve Hall in Angola for correcting this question


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