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Question: Who is the youngest winner of a Formula 1 Grand Prix?

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Question: What's the longest distance Olympic event?

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Question: Who was the last European golfer to win the US Open?

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Question: Which two popular American games have been dropped from the Olympic program after the games in Beijing 2008?

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Question: Who is the only professional boxer to have retired undefeated holding the world heavweight title?

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Question: In which alpine resort were the first ever Winter Olympics held in 1924?
Question: In which sport do you have a short stop and you can have a pinch hitter, a long reliever or a closer?
Question: What is an Olympiad?
Question: Which US sports team fell under the 'Curse of the Bambino' causing it to have an 86 year drought of championship trophies after its star player was sold in 1919 to its major rival?
Question: Which sport was founded by Japanese master Kano Jigoro?
Question: In which football competition is the Henri Delaunay trophy awarded?
Question: Which martial art, when translated, originally meant 'Chinese hand' and now means 'empty hand'?
Question: Which former Olympic sport required the athletes to move backwards to win?
Question: Which baseball team has won the World Series most often?
Question: Which sport has the highest ratio of officials to players?
Question: Which sport invented at the Outrigger Canoe Club in Waikiki, Hawaii, and popularised in Santa Monica, California, since the 1920s became an Olympic sport in 1996?
Question: In which Olympic sport do players slide stones to houses?
Question: In Judo, what is a judogi?
Question: Which NBA player, son of an NBA player, was named after a steak his parents saw on a restaurant menu just before he was born?
Question: In Mogul skiing, what are moguls?
Question: At the 'Parade of Nations' of the opening ceremony of the modern Olympic Games, which countries march first and last?
Question: Whose ears did Mike Tyson bite in 'The Sound and the Fury' fight held in Las Vegas in 1997?
Question: Where were the Harlem Globetrotters formed?
Question: This is a Spanish-based question From which city is the Gimnastic football (soccer) team?
Question: Who are the two racers to have won the most Grand Prix motorcycling titles in history?
Question: Since 1975, what sport must be played right-handed even if you are left-handed?
Question: When New Zealand won the inaugural Rugby World Cup in 1987, who did they defeat?
Question: Which country won the first FIFA World Cup held in 1930?
Question: The tennis record of 46 successive wins is held by Argentinean Guillermo Vilas. Who recently wrecked Federer's chance of surpassing it?
Question: Who irritated Hitler by winning four gold medals in the Olympics?
Question: The 1000 Lakes Rally was held in which country?
Question: This is a Spanish-based question Who won the Príncipe de Asturias prize in sports in 2007?
Question: Vijay Singh, US Masters champion, comes from where?
Question: Where do Portuguese Formula 1 Grand Prix races take place (at least since 1984 and when they happen)?
Question: Which swimmer won six gold medals at the Athens Olympics in 2004?
Question: Which two English golfers won the 2004 Golf World Cup in Seville?
Question: Which is always the third grand slam event in the tennis calendar?
Question: Brazil have been world football champions more times than any other nation. Whom did they beat to become World Champions the first time?

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Question: How many pockets does a snooker table have?
Question: In American Football, where would you find the Orange Bowl?
Question: In which sport do neither the participants nor the spectators know the score until the end?
Question: In which sport would you see a "Tsukahara"?

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Question: What are the only two colours allowed for the ball in Table Tennis competitions?

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Question: What is James Naismith best known for?
Question: What is the difference between a men's and a women's lacrosse team?

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Question: What are the two main distinguishing features of Speedway motorbikes?

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Question: Which team defeated the world champions Argentina in the opening game of 1990 World Championship?
Question: Which weapons are used in Women's fencing?

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Question: Who was Formula One World Champion first: Graham Hill or Jim Clark?
Question: Who was the first American to win the Formula 1 World Championship?
Question: Who was the first gymnast to score a maximum 10 points (seven 10s) in the Olympics?
Question: Who was the first non-European to win the Tour de France?.
Question: Who was the first person to swim the English Channel?
Question: With which game would you associate the names of Mikhail Botvinnik, Alexander Alekhine, and José Capablanca?
Question: The duration of a game of Polo is measured in what?

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Question: Only one modern olympic games was not named after the host city - the "Interim Olympic Games" of 1906. In which city were they held?
Question: Which country has won the most medals in the Winter Olympics (to January 2010)?
Question: Which sport cannot be played left handed since 1975, for safety reasons?
Question: The Fed (Federation) Cup is the most important women's team event in this sport. What is the equivalent male competition?
Question: The Web Ellis Cup is given to the winners of which tournament?
Question: In cross-country cycling, what do the initials BMX stand for?
Question: Which athlete scored the first perfect ten in Olympic history?
Question: Which Olympic sport has a playing area that is 9 ft (2.74m) by 5 ft (1.525m)? (it's 30 inches / 76 cm high)
Question: In Golf, what is sometimes called a 10-iron?
Question: The first long distance car race was held in 1907 and finished after nearly 10,000 miles in Paris. The winners were Prince Scipione Borghese and journalist Luigi Barzini, Sr. who claimed the prize of a bottle of Mumm champagne. Where did the race start?
Question: How many balls are there on a snooker table at the start of a game?
Question: The Vince Lombardi Trophy is awarded at which event?
Question: In which sport would you perform an Eskimo roll?
Question: The Marquis of Queensbury Rules are the accepted code of rules for which sport?
Question: First seen internationally in the 1968 Olympics, most modern high jumpers use a back first technique developed by which American athlete?
Question: What's the name of the chess move in which a piece takes another but does not move into the square of the captured piece?
Question: What is Tiger Woods' first name?
Question: What's the second largest multi-sport gathering after the Olympics?
Question: If your balls are black and blue and your opponent's are red and yellow, what would you be playing?
Question: Which sport or game consists of a pick, approach, plant, and toss?
Question: Who is the only Irish cyclist to win the Tour de France?
Question: Which race over 200 laps is started with the words, "Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines"?
Question: Who is the Greek goddess of Victory?
Question: Who bought the Benetton Formula 1 racing team in 2001?
Question: What is the most common distance of a drag race?
Question: Which international sports competition started on June 17th, 1994, at Soldier Field in Chicago?
Question: What swimming stroke is the first leg of the medley relay?
Question: In which sport would you go to a Basho?
Question: How many hurdles are there in the men's 110m race?
Question: Who was the first unseeded player to win the men's singles at Wimbledon?
Question: Which two boxers fought the 'Rumble in the Jungle'?
Question: What did football referees get in 1970 that they hadn't had before?
Question: What colour jersey does the leader of the Giro d'Italia wear?
Question: One Soviet Bloc country participated in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. Which one?
Question: Which is always the first event of the Men's Decathlon?
Question: How many rounds are there in an Olympic boxing match?

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Question: Which cyclists have won the Tour de France five times?

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Question: What is South America's equivalent of the Champions League called?
Question: Who became the youngest female champion of Wimbledon in the 20th century when she beat Jana Novotná in 1997?

With thanks to Andy Corder and Mick Watts for correcting and expanding the answer to this question


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